Discovering Your Authentic Self



 Wouldn’t it be nice to feel, grounded, content, present, painfree, balanced and connected? We get it and we often work with people who aren’t and haven’t been for sometime.

We also have a strong preference to work with people who value wellness as a core component to being able to thrive, who see the importance in recognising earlier rather than later the signals their body is giving them, and who prioritise their wellbeing.

If you don’t have the ability now to listen to your body, to actively manage your energy and stress levels, we can help. We’ve been there. We understand. We have an unwavering belief that you can get there too. We all have self-healing mechanisms within our body that are activated every time we injure ourselves or get sick. Our energy, resources, immunity and ability to find wellness can be diminished through stress, trauma, lack of sleep and any number of things that life throws our way.

• Headaches and migraines
• Back and neck pain
• Recovery from injury, operations, illness
• Hormonal issues
• Digestive issues
• Depression and anxiety
• Insomnia and sleeping issues
• Expectant mums and babies
• Pain following dental work
• Restoring well-being and energy
• Auto-immune dysfunction

We listen, we understand, we believe in wellness as the foundation for growth and, even more importantly, feeling fulfilled and happy. We acknowledge you and your needs, what is happening in your life, what holds you back and what gives you relief and freedom; freedom from patterns and pain and postponing the opportunity to be at your best because you put others first.

Emma is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist and wellness coach. She is passionate about health and wellness and helping people thrive. After spending years in busy corporate roles and juggling family and other commitments, she has a solid understanding of the multiple demands we face and the potential impact on our wellbeing. Having managed these in a way that impacted her health to flourishing with the same set of demands, Emma is a big advocate for prioritising individual wellness and aiming to practice what she preaches.

Suitable for everyone, including babies and children. Appointments last an hour and you will be given an indication at your first treatment of the recommended number of treatments to suit you. These range from one-off treatments to ‘maintenance’ treatments to support ongoing optimum health.

Treatment fees range from $90 (babies and children) to $120 (adults), with discounts available for treatment plans and family packages.

Coaching to support you to feel your best and to thrive. You will receive coaching tips as part of your treatment, however individual and tailored plans are also offered to support you to understand what is holding you back, to embrace your strengths and to thrive. Working with individuals and organisations, the coaching offered is a strengths-based approach to enable sustainable change.

Coaching fees are agreed at an individual and organisational level.


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