The power of plants to increase attentiveness and wellbeing

T here is some interesting research about the benefits of being around plants – including increasing attentiveness, lowering blood pressure and increasing feelings of wellbeing. They can remind us that there is always growth, under the harshest of environments plants will often still thrive. They remind us to care about our environment and they make our air cleaner. On a simple level, I think they are pretty and make us smile. 

There is something nourishing about being in nature and nurturing plants definitely helps us feel connected.

I bumped into a friend today and she was telling me about a cool little local Grey Lynn business called Sill Life – beautifully sourced plants and hand made and hand painted pots, a great combination. The clinic is filled with gorgeous plants so it inspired me to create a similar environment at home. Now with three new plants in our house I can attest to feeling pretty good.

It’s easy to see why the guerilla gardening movement started and why it has such a following, there is some magic in transforming neglected and often bleak urban spaces in the dead of night with plants and flowers for people to wake up to. These days, the movement tends to be more about connecting people through gardening and bringing communities together to care for the gardens created which can only be a good thing.

Plants and gardening are often used as metaphors for life. People are described as blossoming or blooming (while pregnant). We put down roots, we reap what we sow. For me, the metaphor most aligned with craniosacral therapy is being grounded. When we feel grounded we have the foundation for health and growth.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

Audrey Hepburn

Footnote: For anyone unsure about their ability to keep a plant alive, some of the easiest / hardiest plants to have indoors include spider, jade and succulent plants. Even I have managed to keep these guys in good shape.


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