Don’t forget to celebrate the small stuff

W e forget sometimes, to celebrate. We celebrate the ‘biggies’: a new life, a lifetime partnership, graduation, but how often do we take time to celebrate the little things? The little things that add up to big things, that make us happy, that move us forward.

I love the little celebrations the most. I’m big on it. I’m a bit of a cheerleader if I’m honest. Any opportunity to celebrate someone’s achievement, I’m in.

We have ice cream, special dinners, speeches, toasts, we write cards. We like to take the time to celebrate those things that matter, that someone has worked for. We know what it takes to set a goal and meet it. We know what it’s like to celebrate on your own and why not share the love, after all?

Not celebrating feels like deprivation or punishment to me because we are really then just withholding something from ourselves. We aren’t acknowledging what we’ve achieved, not recognising it for the effort we have given, and not owning it.intuitive_nature-47

If, like a lot of people, you grew up in an era where there was a diet of ‘not bads’ and ‘what’s next?’ you may not know this new diet of enjoying our food. It may seem foreign to pause after each meal and reflect on the preparation, the flavours, the joy of eating. It may seem a little over the top, a little self-indulgent, possibly even a little tiresome. Don’t be a Grinch.

Celebrating keeps us on track, it brings gratitude, helps us feel genuine joy for other people’s achievements when we know how hard they’ve worked. It helps us believe that things are worth working for, that the journey is as much fun as getting to the end, or winning or being recognised. We start to have an internal barometer for celebrations and it fills our tank.

Recently, we celebrated being a year on from a life-changing event for a special friend of ours. I’m so glad we did. It seems absurd to think we might not have. Reflecting on what happened and the changes of the last year it cemented my belief in celebrating the days and the moments and the milestones. This celebration created a new milestone and one filled with love and gratitude.

When was the last time you celebrated something?

Do you withhold the joy of celebrating?

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